Roseark ’til Death

I was lead to Aida Bergsen’s designs via Oracle Fox. They were being sold online at Roseark which I had popped in and out of but lets just say at the late hour that I am writing this, I feel into a deep pit of their jewelry. Seriously it’s 3am as I write this. Late enough for my dog to emerge from her bed and come check on me in the tv room ignoring Sex and the City reruns for a little jewelry dazzle.

Check out the whole store and follow my Pinterest boards because I have made a pledge to updating them with everything I see.

Now lets look at these fine ladies.

Aida Bergsen – Bronze and Sterling Silver Large Skull Ring $875

Elephant Heart – Kiss Rings $80

Loren Stewart – Skinni Ring, Yellow Gold, Plain $395

Meredith Marks – Alexia Diamond Ring $1,250

Jennifer Meyer – Wishbone Ring, Diamond $2,500

Dajhan Jewelry – Clear Quartz Cocktail Rings with Embedded Stones $320

Aida Bergsen – 8K Rose and Quartz Claw Ring $1,375

Kathy Rose for Roseark – Arrowhead Ring $4,000

Elisa Solomon – Tie Dye Band $1,490

Alexandra Jefford – 18K Gold Diamond Bands $2,925



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One Response to Roseark ’til Death

  1. noelani says:

    I am obsessed with skull anything right now and those rings are calling to me. Shame they price tag is going to hold me back. Sigh. Drooling over the macabre.

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