Peace Treaty

Keeping with the morning jewelry theme I thought I’d share Peace Treaty that I found via Oracle Fox. Great angles with a little bit of an eastern theme. Their designs are beautiful but they also leave a sweet taste in your mouth with their do-good idea. Peace Treaty creates employment for artists in places of socio-political strife. I was sold even before that but I love feeling good about my purchase.


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4 Responses to Peace Treaty

  1. dhsivad says:

    Love that you’re working on vacation! This is another great find! So cute and such a good idea 🙂 I expect to see you working a lot of these in to your fall looks!

  2. Christen is this last pic of your purchase?? As in is this your arm?! haha I was wondering if they were your D.I.Y bracelets? I been meaning to make them for months but I need to get the nuts to fasten. I’m thinking they might be harder to make then they look??

  3. lol 🙂 You have done D.I.Y ones though!

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