Mullet Dress

I adore maxi dress, but I love even more when a trend I love morphs into something new. Enter the Mullet Dress. Clearly a mini party in the front with a long elegant train in the back. I worked in this dress today and the front was a little short to be rummaging through a closet but it was perfect when I went out to a casual dinner with my girlfriends after. Plus I love the Cobalt blue color. I actually snagged this dress at the yearly LF Stores sale which was a crazy mess but well worth the work.

What I wore
Dress: LF Stores
Boots: eBay
Belt: H&M
Necklaces: Planet Blue
Bracelets: assorted along with some crafts



About Christen Mitchell Styling

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One Response to Mullet Dress

  1. anna23emma says:

    Lovley mullet dress.

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