Birthday Birthday Birthday

Oh it’s my birthday on Saturday if you didn’t already know and my best friend Sam’s birthday is today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!) Her and I have been friends forever and we love buying unique gifts for each other. As usual I begged her to tell me right away what she got me and I had to post it because I love it.

I hadn’t heard of Edge of Urge before but it’s based in DC and a hot spot of hand made clothes and accessories from Jessie Williams. Sam got me the original custom feather earrings but you can put anything on these earrings its not just feather. I love the leather pieces and charms as well.  Below are a few inspiration photos as well as well as some of the pieces you can put on your earrings.



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One Response to Birthday Birthday Birthday

  1. Daniel Davis says:

    Which ones did you get?

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