Video and Crafting Photos

My fingers are seventeen different colors of spray-paint and I’ve gone through 700 sticks of hot glue. What does that mean? Craft time! I’ve been doing it so much recently and it’s been a blast. It’s been a great way to create things I can not find in a pinch.

Below you’ll see a little video inspiration for a project I worked on yesterday and a few fun shots of what I made.

Here are a few of the accessories I crafted for the shoot. I’ll explain a little about each so you at least know what they are made of. They look quite crafty in my photos but I will share the real photos with you guys in a few weeks because trust me the models look SO much better in them ha.

By the way my dress is second hand from Lola’s in Allston.

Metal bow-tie that I covered in Leather so it can be bent and molded in all different ways.

Faux flower neck cuff.

Headpiece made out of plastic covered in wallpaper then I attached clear plastic geometric shapes and dripped matte black paint over it.

Another headpiece also made out of plastic then covered it in lace and made the back with some of the extra faux black flowers.

Silver faux flower wrap.

It’s hard to show this shoulder piece but its also plastic covered in lace with faux silver flowers. The flowers wrap around the body and just stick on.


I hope this inspires you guys to get out there and craft this fine weekend! I cant wait to share the real pictures with you all. 


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One Response to Video and Crafting Photos

  1. noelani says:

    I would love to craft- how do you get all your inspiration and ideas? And mad skills with the glue stick?

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