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I almost forgot that I had a few photos from traveling on Thursday to San Juan and I love to share travel outfits because that can be a hard thing to dress for. I am much more comfortable dressing for an event than I am for traveling sometimes.

When you think about it you want to be comfortable but not look like a slob. Not to mention you can’t wear hardly any accessories because no body wants to be the person holding up the line in order to get your arm party in order.

What’s my solution? Pack your jewelry in your purse so you can throw it on after security and rock comfortable layers so you can deal with the climate issues on the plane. I am often freezing mid flight but have heatstroke by the time we land.

What I wore
Skirt: Nine 3 Two (creating a knot at the bottom of the skirt gave me a little more room to move and a bit more shape when wearing flat shoes)
Shirt: random workout shirt that I cut (possibly a little too short – oops!) but it’s kind of funny it says ‘Peace Love Yoga’ on the front and ‘Spiritual Gangster’ on the back (pretend you’re laughing with me ha)
Sweater: GREAT throw on sweater from
Purse: Proenza Schouler
Shoes: Toms
Bangles: Homemade (See below)

Here is part of the post on the inspiration for these bracelets. Read the whole post HERE.

Also, some amazing finds from the market in Roche Harbor that can also be found on Etsy. These black gem earrings are what I wore to the wedding.

Thanks Heart Rocks Eye!


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2 Responses to Travel Post

  1. Love the jewellery (as we say in UK) the bangles are really well made and super cool.

  2. Shanna-Marie says:

    Nice post. I’m such a careful planner about travel outfits. Don’t want to look to dressed up or down and can’t go overboard on the jewelry. Yours looks great! that skirt is amaze and of course I love the sweater 🙂 btw loved that D&G dress!!

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