DIY: Neck Cuffs

I really enjoy jewelry and even more I enjoy something a little crazy and off-beat. I saw these Michael Kors so very shiny neck cuffs in the Fall 2011 show and I knew it was something I’d love to rock in some way.

I haven’t seen these in person yet but I wanted to take my best shot at crafting two for a special project. Here is a little photo diary and for the steps that don’t have images, I’ll do my best to describe what I did. As usual with any of the crafting projects just email me with questions. If you guys like this I’ll get some better close up photos when I get back to Boston.

1. Hit up Michaels Crafts. I got the thin metal sheets from the scrapbook department, adhesive spray, silver leaf sheets, belt punch (or any industrial hole punch), loose gold leaf (I like the loose kind for this not the sheets), black jump rings and clasps, and silver spray paint.

2. Cut the shape you’d like for your cuff. Try to get a sheet of metal that is long enough to begin with, otherwise I made hinges with the jump rings. Either way it just depends on the shape you’re going for.

Necklace #1
Necklace #2

3. Since the metal is quite flexible it won’t hold that shape, you need to measure out where you want your holes so you can fasten your necklace in the back. You can use a cool lace or ribbon but here I just used these matte black clasps. Then use your industrial hole punch.

4. Next decide what finish you want:
Matte Silver – use the spray paint
Shiny Silver – use the silver leaf sheets (can look like aluminum foil so be aware)
Matte Gold – press on the loose gold leaf

Necklace #1

Necklace #2

After the silver spray paint:

5. Once dry then you can add any hinges, clasps, or ribbon. On one of my necklaces I added another piece of the metal sheet so the matte silver finish would be a contrast to the additional shiny addition.

Necklace #1

Necklace #2


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