Packing WAY Too Late

I can technically pack extremely fast. I form a list, pack when I can then wake up, and I am out. But when I have to pack for something like a wedding there is always the ‘What if the airline looses my baggage?’ question. So I have two bags, one with all my liquids and the other with my dress that won’t be leaving my side.

Anyway, it should be 60’s-70’s and sunny. We have a dinner Friday and wedding Saturday, so there isn’t much else I have to bring.

Here are all the basic pieces I’m bringing. I don’t want to spoil the surprises. So I’ll post pictures as I wear things.

See a few of you out west!

So hard to photograph this dress but its 12th By Cynthia Vincent. Navy with nude underneath. For the rehearsal dinner and I have these adorable flats and the purse below:

D&G with a crafted lace belt I put together to make the shape fit me. Love this dress and I have these unique shoes and purse to go with it.

Jewelry for the weekend

Wish me luck! Should be a fantastic weekend!


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2 Responses to Packing WAY Too Late

  1. Miss Neira says:

    I think I m the only one who actually enjoys packing! I always take photos of my outfits so I have it for viewing later in case one night while I’m away I go crazy and *think* I have nothing to wear!

    love your accessories! (of course)

    Miss Neira

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