Deadwood South, Dakota

I love when a location is good enough for a title. Chances are most people reading this have never been there and if this is the case you’re missing out. This weekend I met two of my sisters and their husbands in the Western town. We were there to support one of my dads new projects the Deadwood Mountain Grand. I was also there to see Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson. Here are only a few of the many highlights from the weekend.

Check out my sisters on the left Tracy Rocca (Artist) and Tiffany Wendel (Stylist) on the right

My custom camera strap by Sarah Francis Kuhn (more to come on her amazing straps)
Leaf, wrap and screw bracelet from Lady Slipper in Minneapolis
Spike bracelet from Forever 21
Red and blue bangle from farmers market in New Mexico

I don’t care if you like country or not just push play and give it a try.

Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson Parade down Main St. Deadwood, SD
Jumper and bra from Room No. 3 in Minneapolis
Necklaces from Planet Blue

Going suit shopping for my cousins wedding in Rapid City, SD. Don’t worry what we picked him is not a reflection of the store, but the store was so fun because it was like walking back in time!

Then the family took a lovely little trip to Mt. Rushmore. We all rode in one car including the third row ha so it seriously felt like the Griswald’s. Here in case you forgot.

Fantastic weekend!


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One Response to Deadwood South, Dakota

  1. Your leopard maxi is gorgeous! great accessories along with it. Looked like a great time!

    Miss Neira

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