Weekend Pt. 1

Sorry about the lack of posting. I ran into a bit of an internet problem. Anyway, I spent the weekend at home in Minneapolis for the 4th and it was absolutely amazing.

I never take as many pictures as I mean to at home so this post is a combination of iPhone photos and real photos.

Here is my little photo diary. I know Minneapolis isn’t a vacation destination for most of you and I kind of like it that way…keeps the riff raff out. But if you find yourself there, this can be your mini guide.

My first Arm Party (No I didn’t make that up. See The Man Repeller  for that one). Woven bracelets from a random craft booth. Waffer bracelet by Vanessa Mooney , woven rhinestone bracelet by Brian Rose.

The song of the weekend for those of you allowed to listen at work.

What I wore to Cocina Del Barrio at 50th & France: Levi jean shorts, American Apparel Circle Knit Sweater, Mia shoes, and PS1 bag

Then came bowling at Bryan Lake Bowl. An amazing old school ally but be sure you know how to manually score your games or bring a friend that is good at math.

Dinner with the family and some friends. What I wore: Earrings from Gypsy, dress and and belt from LF Stores

Boating on Lake Minnetonka and a Twins game.

Then today I got to see my favorite nail woman Rhonda and she put these amazing gold metallic Minx nails on me! You can find her at The Jason Deavalon Salon (1517 W Lake St Ste 1
Minneapolis, MN 55408). Have her order you some fun colors and off you go! I am obsessed with them.

I always go to Avanti and see Priscilla when I am home in Boston but unfortunately I won’t be back until next Monday and I desperately needed to so something about these roots and trim my bangs. I couldn’t see a darn thing. I’ve been working on doing a little bit more of a beachy look so I don’t have to worry about my roots growing out as much.

It is always so nerve racking going to someone new especially when it’s supper last minute. Luckily I am from here so I could ask some reliable sources about where to go. The Hair Police (611 West Lake Street Minneapolis | 612.824.1641) in Uptown is where I ended up. They have been cranking out kick ass hair since 1986 and while they are known for their crazy dreads and extensions, they also do a good run of the mill cut and color like mine.

This place is amazing. I’ve included a few photos (that I did not take) below. They do everything you can think of. Clearly I wasn’t getting anything too crazy but as you can see they specialize in the unique. I could go on and on about how neat this place is and if you are in the area call up Jesse.

The Studio & Their Amazing Work

My flow after Jesse worked his magic!

It’s hard to show without the tripod, but I adore it with the darker color under and that it will be super easy to up keep.

They also do a fun Dread Tour. So if you are thinking about getting some, check out their tour dates.

Keep an eye out for more posts as I move on to Deadwood, SD


About Christen Mitchell Styling

I am a fashion stylist that offers my clients wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, and image consultation. Check me out at www.ChristenMitchellStyling.com
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