Good Morning…Dance It Out!

For every new collection every season a slew of videos emerge that are deep and moving and beautiful but frankly only about half of them are exciting.

I hope more follow Prabal Gurung and display their Resort Collections (or any collection for that matter) with some bangin’ beats and flashy visuals. It’s fun to see the clothing in action and really move (not to mention I really like the song).

I can only be an adult so long and appreciate dramatic moving pieces of art before I just want a good song I can dance too.

Thank you to Prabal Gurung and Rye Rye…I hope others will follow.

Video originally seen on StyleBoston Blog

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One Response to Good Morning…Dance It Out!

  1. Aimee says:

    Wow, this video rocks! The beat, the fashion, the dance moves. Good move on Prabal Gurung’s part!

    Definitely going to download this song and jam out asap.

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