Spoiler Alert!

I am just not great with New England geography and I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t explored as much of the area as I should, but I got a chance this week to make the 2hr trip to Portland, Maine.

We wanted some fun, flowy and feminine shots in the beautiful woods out there and that’s just what we got. I can’t share the actually images yet but here are some fun behind the scenes things. Video will be soon to follow in a bit.

Leah blushing a bit

A few of the dresses. My personal favorite from the new Beacon Hill Artifaktori!

Genevieve getting her hair done

AMAZING headpiece from Gypsy and my semi-organized styling sheet to attempt to keep me organized

Christy has me mesmerized by her airbrush make-up technique
Heading into nature

Leah just waiting her turn. Even standing around she is stunning

The nature was just so amazing


Little snail wanted to be accessorized as well

Hollie and Leah playing around with our stunning floral crowns from Twig in the South End

Wish I could share more but it’s the weekend so I gotta split!
AB Cya!

Photographer: Jessica Weiser
Stylist: Christen Mitchell
Hair: Nancy V Brown
Make-Up: Christy
Models: Leah O.
Genevieve L.


About Christen Mitchell Styling

I am a fashion stylist that offers my clients wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, and image consultation. Check me out at www.ChristenMitchellStyling.com
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One Response to Spoiler Alert!

  1. noelani says:

    What a gorgeous day! Those flower crowns are stunning, they remind me of the ones we wore getting married (orthodox) made it seem more whimsical, for such a serious ceremony.

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