Fold It Up

I generally don’t like to post things at the same time other people do, because for those of you that read a lot of fashion blogs, there is nothing worse than scrolling through several blogs and each one has the exact same thing. EH!

But today, I had to copycat Who What Wear. They did this whole post on accordion pleating (see below). I love love love this look. I figured it was even more appropriate to do this because I used my ultra fun TopShop crazy pleated skirt just yesterday in a shoot, not to mention I scored a very unique pleated dress from Top Shelf antiques show this past weekend (thanks Gypsy ).

I wanted to show you guys a few of my favorite items so stock up!
SUNO Pleated Long Skirt

Halston Heritage Long Pleated Skirt In White

Givenchy Silk Chiffon Skirt
(I suggest underwear at least however)

Zara Accordion Pleated Skirt

Rag&Bone Maxi Desert Skirt

Tibi Pleated Long Skirt


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