Hair Transformation

Every time I meet someone and tell them that usually I have jet black hair they are blown away. I haven’t even had blond hair for a year and if you’ve done enough Facebook stalking you’ve noticed. Given all of that, I’ve had a few requests from people to show all my hair transformations.

I also get asked a lot where I get my hair done and Priscilla Collins has always done my hair in Boston and is responsible for the majority of my transformations. Check her out at Avanti on Newbury St. or here.

Disclaimer: I have not always let my fashion diva out of its cage so we are NOT judging clothes in this post.

Also, if you’re one of my friends that appear below ha oops sorry!

The Beginning: Natural

Step Two: Jet Black/Black-Blue (depends on the day)

Step Three: Seeing Red (for a hot second)

Step Four: Knocking at Barbie’s door



About Christen Mitchell Styling

I am a fashion stylist that offers my clients wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, and image consultation. Check me out at
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4 Responses to Hair Transformation

  1. Elissa says:

    I love you bloooonde!

  2. noelani says:

    Love the blond- totally sassy. I tend to change with the seasons, darker in winter, lighter now for summer.

  3. Avanti Salon says:

    Love the blonde! As always, thanks for coming it to see us. We love having you in the salon!

  4. Dizzle says:

    Love that dark hair

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