Getting Feathered @ Calico

When I first met Elissa the owner of Calico I was struck. She has fun style, a great vibe, and fantastic hair. So, when she asked me to come down to New Bedford and help her host the ‘Get Feathered’ event I was so excited!

There are great clothes vintage and new, always at great prices. I seriously went down there to chat feathers, check out the clothes, and just hang. Little did I know I was heading home with a huge bag of clothes. You don’t have to make the trip to New Bedford, you can just head to their online store.

Check out some photos from the event and all the excited ladies with their new plumage.

Such adorable cream lace shorts.

What I wore: dress and necklace from LF Stores, earrings from Blu Bird, boots Aldo, and bracelets from all over the map. Elissa and I breaking it down to open things up!

Then the Three Haute Mamas came over to play for a bit. Those girls are always down to support a girl and I was so grateful!
Oh I’m sorry! Did I just break it down again? I may have scared the guests. Hehe that’s what happens when you ask me to do sexy.

Moving away from my sexy attempts and into the Calico product. I didn’t get a single feather clearly because I fear at this rate they are growing out of my head naturally. BUT I did get and see lots of other fun things.

Like these sunnies, I am in love. I walked them down Newbury to the gym today I got a lot of great comments, so I’m stoked!

So many good fun outfits and jewelry in the crowd! And if you check out the Calico blog later you might even see some video!

This necklace has a rounded back so yup it moves as your head moves!

This was by far my favorite. It sits so nicely, doesn’t it?


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4 Responses to Getting Feathered @ Calico

  1. Miss Neira says:

    This is fantastic! I wish I went, everything looked superb! and this feather trend is going around!

    p.s Final thesis will be handed in May 6th = major amounts of freedom for me to explore Boston more, and see you finally! (come to the blogger picnic, I already rsvp-ed!)

  2. noelani says:

    How lovely! I had no idea you were coordinating this, would have totally popped by to check the shop out too.

  3. lauren mac says:

    this store looks awesome christen!! you’ll have to take me this summer when i take a break from nyc! miss ya!

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