My DIY Weekend Continues

I know today is The Wedding and I watched it and loved it. Loved every bit of it! I even had these amazing photos of my aunts hat and shoes we staged the whole thing. It was adorable. So, Becky if you’re reading this…I can’t find the pictures anywhere! I’m going to keep looking because they were so beautiful they need to be seen so a late wedding post may come later.

In the meantime during my workout this afternoon all I could think about was fun DIY projects and then I remembered my favorite, making friendship bracelets. I’ll post some pictures after the weekend of what I crafted, but in the meantime these are what I am using as inspiration. Not all of them are traditional friendship bracelets (some are just bracelets I like).

Oh yes I will be making anklets. For some reason I’ve had a hankering for them lately.

Sources: Oracle Fox (1), Fashion Foie Gras (2), Jak&Jil (3,8), Planet Blue photoshoot (4,7), Style By Kling (5,9), Beau+Aero (6), Studded Hearts (10), Spell (11)


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