Day 3

So what it’s Tuesday and I am finally getting the third day of Coachella photos up. As you can see by the first photo the heat was starting to take it’s toll. Of course my camera ran out of battery half way through the day so please excuse any grainy images.

What I wore: Levi shorts, Cosabella bras, and found glow-sticks for my hair ha

Kanye did an amazing performance in the new Celine  women’s line actually rocked it to no end. Here is a little snip of the performance (unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to catch the fire works, but still not bad). I also snagged a few great pics of his outfit from Perez and a few other sources.

Also here are a few outfits from Mr. Newton of some great Coachella outfits. After today I promise no more Coachella!


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