All The Build Up

To say I don’t care what I pack for my trip to Coachella is a lie. It’s my chance to break out all my wacky fun things and wear them togeather (within the constraints of 95 degree weather however).  Here are a few pictures of what I threw in my suitcase. I can’t believe I wedged it all into a carry-on but we’ll see how that goes on the way home when I have my new boots. Those will be a surprise for another day.

I only photographed the important parts and not my workout gear ha. Probably because I am not sure I will really be hitting the gym.

Enjoy! And as the trip goes on, more fun pictures will surface with a few surprises. If you see me there come say hi and I can’t wait to see some of you down there. You know who you are!


And my new BFF that will be making an appearance at EVERY show.
Can’t wait to report back from the festivities!


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One Response to All The Build Up

  1. Love love love your new bag! Have fun

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