Outrageous Nails…Check!

So I saw marbling on the TopShop blog the other day and was instantly obsessed and tried it the next day. I called my nail person to inquire about it and apparently it’s something they learned in school but you can’t really find many places that practice it because as you’ll see it’s not for everyone ha. So for those of you that like to be a little daring give it a go. I did this on the first try so it’s totally doable. I did mine a little more marbled than they did on the TopShop site as you will see, but next time I am going to do it with less marbling to see how it works out.

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate it in a little less obnoxious way maybe just do a nail or two on each hand and keep the rest of the nails a solid color.

Here is the video and images from TopShop.

I didn’t do a video yet but I will if there is enough interest or if people are having trouble. In the meantime here is my photo diary for this project.


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I am a fashion stylist that offers my clients wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, and image consultation. Check me out at www.ChristenMitchellStyling.com
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One Response to Outrageous Nails…Check!

  1. kathryn says:

    Perfect for Easter!

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