It Never Gets Easier

Why am I up so late? Let me tell you…..I’m packing. It takes me forever. I lay out the clothes, try them oh, take pictures, make a list, start packing, make another list and the tale goes on. Anyway rather than me trying on each individual outfit for you guys I thought it might be better to lay it all out.

When I pack I do pack outfits so I know what I have, but I also pack things that can be mixed and matched so I don’t restrained by what I brought. I like to pack light so this can be a huge challenge. I am heading to Miami tomorrow night for 5 days 4 nights and we are all going to carry on to keep it simple. Ha like carrying on is simple.

So here is everything that is going in my carry on. Hopefully this will help you during your vacation packing. Remember bring things that are interchangeable and can easily be worked from day to night. DO NOT forget your jewelry. Most people skimp in this area because it takes up space but adding different jewelry to an outfit can change the outfit entirely. Just plan to the best of your ability.

Let me know if this type of post helps or if you have any questions!


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One Response to It Never Gets Easier

  1. lauren mac says:

    where is the turquoise skull jewelry from? so cute! miss you!

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