Daily Eye Candy: Crack Edition

When I said I was going to do max two posts a day, I had no idea how my images would pile up. I don’t want any of them to get lost in the shuffle because they deserve their time in the sun. Thus you get today’s image saturated post.

I was so inspired by my Daniel Davis of Life Is A Runway post to help girls show some appropriate and non offensive skin here in Boston, that I thought I’d show a few images and tell you why I like the look and how it can work into your Spring wardrobe.

1. First things first, it’s not THAT warm outside, yet. Layering can be a good fix. Depending on the weather you can do shorts and a long sweater or shirt and let it flow open. Something people forget about is that the heaviest layer does not always have to go on top. Your fur vest can go under a light Spring coat. Just try it.
Images: Lookbook, Because I’m Addicted & Models Off Duty


2. Play with your skirt and its length. I won’t get into my whole lecture about how I love maxi everything, but I love these images because they play with the lengths of their skirts in relation to the other layers they are wearing. All of these things can be played for warmer or colder weather. Depending on your frame a maxi can be better with a cropped shirt or a longer sweater. (Be honest about where your body holds most of it’s bulk). The ‘No Pants’ look in the Spring can also goes over well. This can be accomplished with your shirt or a longer coat. Either way, when you have a more conservative top feel free to show a little leg!
Images: Hanneli Mustaparta, Vanessa Jackman, Lookbook, Purse ‘N Boots, & Studded Hearts


3. I love playing with my hair. Different colors, styles, cuts, feathers (wink wink), whatever. Since I’m into the BoHo look I am really into having mine longer with sort of a beach vibe. Below are a few looks that I think play with long hair in an interesting.

I know this images is out of place but her hair is so natural and perfect for her I couldn’t help myself!
Images: Self Service Magazine, Litter SF, Because I’m Addicted, SRC783, & Where’s My Other Shoe At?


4. Back to clothes. If you couldn’t already tell, I love pops of color. I think the color-blocking trend will bring some really interesting creative and images this Spring and Summer. I’ve started playing with it myself and after a very dull Winter, I love dragging out my Cookie Monster Rag&Bone pants. If color isn’t your strength, stick with one accent piece. If you are feeling bold and daring go balls to the wall and take after a few of the images below.
Images: Lookbook, Street Style Aesthetic, Vanessa Jackman, The Sartorialist, & Because I’m Addicted


4. There are also a lot of Menswear trends happening in fashion right now. It tends to look best on the long lean models (what doesn’t ha). I really love the slouchy grungy look and incorporate masculine pieces into that. I accomplish this look with some dirty rocker hair, slouchy pants and a cropped shirt generally. But you can reverse the proportions and keep the shorts little and super-size the rest of it. Here is what I draw inspiration from for this look.
Images: SRC783, Where’s My Other Shoe?, Akila Berjaoui, Vanessa Jackman, & Le Fashion


5. Last thing I’ve been thinking about lately are sunglasses. I’ve done a few posts about them recently and here are a few more images I love. I am really into unique shapes, colors and for me I love big frames. The bigger the better.
Images: Lookbook, Akila Berjaoui, and The Sartorialist


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