Sweet As Sweet Can Be!

Fashion as food…love it. Fashion and cupcakes…HELL YA! ha I have a sweet addiction. It’s serious. So when I met Courtney Forrester from Sweet Cupcakes, I tried to control myself.

When you first meet her you can’t help but notice that she is impeccably dressed. There is no doubt about her passion for fashion. Not only does it come through in her wardrobe but most notably in her cupcakes and the interior design of her shops. Everything is a crisp white with feminine accents pink. Not to mention they play old classic movies on a flat screen TV. I mean you can’t deny how delicious her cupcakes are and their shop could easily survive on that alone, but Sweet set out to create an experience. Bravo Sweet. Mission accomplished.

(Newbury St. location)

Sweet has the Daily 6 flavors that are in the case every day. Then, based on seasonal flavors and the holiday, they incorporate a few other unique combinations. When I was there I hoovered a Blueberry Buttermilk cupcake. Yes, it had blueberry jam in the center, on top and in all the right places.

(variety of flavors – not only the daily 6)

I love when fashion and food collide because I am not a baker nor a cook so I am always amazed at what people can create. Not to mention there is nothing gorgeous or stylish about a run of the mill store bought cake. So, if you’re looking for a hostess gift or even something for your birthday, you have to stop here. Good luck making it out without at least one of their mini cupcakes in hand or at least a frosting shot (yea a frosting shot).

Holidays, Birthdays and even Cinco De Mayo.

Thanks so much to Courtney for showing me around Sweet!


Images by Eric Levin of Elevin Studios

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I am a fashion stylist that offers my clients wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, and image consultation. Check me out at www.ChristenMitchellStyling.com
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