Neil Morris Fragrances

Every celebrity has a fragrance these days. It’s not something I have really addressed that much because I feel like there are so many coming in and out and none of them have really peaked my interest. However, that changed when I got to meet David Garten of Boston based perfume company Neil Morris Fragrances.

This bespoke perfumer focuses more on the connection between memory and scent. Neil creates all the scents based on his travels around the world. According to the brand, they like to produce creations that ‘live and dance on your skin’. (I love the way they put that) For example:

They have an extensive online store that sells a multitude of scents and also do customized scents. This was my favorite part. It’s a 90 minute appointment with Neil himself where he asks you a series of 25-30 questions ranging from your favorite time of day to a memory you have a particular scent. From what I’ve heard Neil seems almost physic. He reads into your responses and comes back with a fragrance that is very uniquely yours. I’ve talked to a few people that have done this private appointment and they all say how amazing it is what Neil gets from your conversation. Once you have your scent, it is kept online so you can order it easily whenever you’re running low. So neat!

I will be asking for this as a birthday gift for sure (it’s August in case you’re curious). They do private parties, and bridal shower etc.

Wither you’re like me and wear only one scent everyday or if you do more of a fragrance wardrobing type of thing where you change your scent with your mood and clothing, David laid out the five main spots you should always sprits your scent: nape of the neck, back of the knees, wrists, chest, hair and any other pressure points.


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