The Rules To Workin’ What Your Mama Gave Ya!

I am an avid reader of Garance Doré…AVID. In case you don’t know she is one of the leading Street Style photographers (I feel like that is a job title these days, hence the capitalization) and when going through a few of the top posts today I noticed that she had put up the rules to catching the photographers eye and nailing the shot.

I thought I would put a few tips up with pictures to illustrate what she is talking about. There are four main categories: Basics, Attitude, Desperation, and How NOT To Ruin Everything!

However one rule to follow that are above all the rest…never arrive at the same time as the one and only Anna Dello Russo. I don’t care who you are you don’t stand a chance. Don’t misunderstand these are her rules so please direct all credit to her.


1. Have your cab drop you off at least a block away to allow the photographers time to find you (and to avoid an embarrassing crotch shot!)

2. Accessorize with big sunglasses, big hat etc. “The less you’re seen, the more you’re wanted”

3. Pull on your biggest fur

4. If you’re gonna go black do ALL black, you could be mistaken for a stylist or editor

5.Amplify the WTF factor. Think lady gaga in the meat dress. (Yes that is a glove on her head)

Pair several of the above elements to ensure the creation of a buzz around your outfit. But even if you’re wearing an all black outfit made only of trash bags, the picture can still flop if you don’t really bring the attitude.


6. Be illusive. Text, listen to someone on the phone, review your fancy invite. Seem to busy to be bothered.

7. Make everything you do elegant. Don’t fumble with your purse, spit out your gum into the trash, or slam your energy drink like it’s last call at the bar.


8. Where there is one photographer, there are bound to be more. If you have tired everything and nothing in your closet is doing the trick, pay off a few of your friends to cover around you and snap away. More photographers are bound to follow. If nothing else you’ll have a really great Facebook photo to show at the end of the day.

How NOT To Ruin Everything

9. Once you’ve gotten their attention and nailed your pose, they are going to ask who you are…PANIC! ha how much do you not want to tell them you’re a) unemployed b) full-time nanny while you look for work c) full-time dog sitter…while you look for work.  None of that is going to impress. Doré suggests spouting your name in broken English “let them imagine you are the editor in chief of Vogue from the Federated States of Micronesia.”

10. We all know there are amazing things that can be found at T.J. Maxx, Target, H&M etc. but that’s not going to impress. Instead just go with one word VINTAGE.

11. Lastly, don’t prod them about where you can find the photo. Pretend like this happens all the time and you couldn’t care less where your photo appears. You can go home and launch a full search later that day.

There are a bunch more amazing tips HERE. I just picked a few of my favorites.


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