Booty Vortex Inspired Me To Get Groovy

I will start this story at the beginning of the day when I was far to tired to shower and wash my hair before my meeting…standard. However as the day wore on, my hair just went further and further down hill until the only thing I could do was to give myself dreads.

I did it once in high school and it wasn’t really a hit the first time but I loved it so whatever. I grabbed my Boyfriend hair gel and off I went. Twisting and turning all the way. The finished product is a sloppy wet look. For sure looks like classy dreads which is what I was going for ha. When your hair is already dirty it’s the perfect time to try something new because it probably couldn’t look any worse anyway.

Then I went and saw 70’s inspired rock group Booty Vortex. All the music was so fun and colorful, it inspired me to play with my photoshop colors a little.

Here is what you get after a day like that! Thoughts?

What I wore: If you can even tell. Express Editor pant, vintage green pumps, LA Don’t Love You shirt, J. Crew belt


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