Litter – Better Than What You Think

My love for body jewelry is quite obvious and i love sharing new brands whenever possible. I have yet to buy my first piece but come summer you will see a lot showing up ( I hope ).

Litter has the largest variety of body jewelery I have seen. It rages from shoe accessories to rings, ear cuffs, leg and arm jewelry and a few comical items including a jewelry mustache. Yup you read that right.

There were seriously so many things I loved that I couldn’t picture them all. You can buy their stuff online or check out people that stock their wares!

Will I be seeing this stuff on anyone else besides me this summer?!

Long Arrows Body Chain $295

Belly Dancer Shoulder Piece $295

Andi $155

Bullets & Chains Knee Strap $115

Chainmail Perfection $300

Braided Chain Anklets $225


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One Response to Litter – Better Than What You Think

  1. ashley says:

    litter sf is one of my FAVORITE lines!! i have the chain garter and it’s amazinnnggg!! people always wonder what the strange chain dangling magically out of my dress is….it’s rad to see their confusion!! hahaha you gotta get yourself a piece!

    ashley ❤

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