Denise Hajjar

As you all know I am new to Boston. I’ve been meeting with a few important fashion people recently here to get a feel for the town as well as what Boston Fashion is all about.

Introducing Denise Hajjar!

A fantastic Boston based designer that has been creating a wardrobe for real woman for about 30 years. During a time when the fashion and design industry had abandoned Boston, Denise decided to stick around and make a name for herself as well as the city in the world of fashion.

Denise’s client is a 35+ woman that is proud of her curves and celebrates how they look in clothes. When jeans were sinking low on our hips, Denise’s designs stayed true to what looks good on her woman. One of the items that women love are her pants. They lack front pockets so they don’t bulge out on your hips and they sit at your natural waist to eliminate the unfortunate ‘spillage’ that happen to some women.

Fall 2010

She is really been excited to see the fashion scene growing in Boston over the past few years. Not only has she seen the technical side of the industry grow, but as the collegiate and international student population grows so does their influence on the Boston fashion scene. Stores have come to accommodate their international tastes which is very exciting.

I was dying for this skirt I found. I love full length princess skirts!

In her boutique in the Fairmont Copley Hotel, Denise is inspired by beautiful fabrics and translates that to her designs. Her pieces are high end because she wants the women who buy her things to keep them for a long time. They are investments. And that totally pays off because of the femininity of each piece is absolutely stunning.

Spring 2010


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