Still Freezing

Today is the morning where I have that really early meeting and I was not in the mood for a large fashion statement since it was about 5 degrees outside and still dark out. When I am feeling that way, my American Apparel sweatshirts and circle scarf are a go to item to keep me warm and cozy. It also give me a great excuse to wear my new super long necklaces.

During the winter what is your go to item? Let me know so I can get one too and add it to my winter collection.

Side note, I re-arranged my apartment yesterday so this is my new desk space. I hope you like!

What I wore: Joe’s Jeans, Splendid tank, American Apparel sweatshirt and circle scarf, Blue Bird Earrings, and H&M ring


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One Response to Still Freezing

  1. Love that color blue, its unusual! Gotta love American Apparel for that.

    Honestly, my go-to item is my pajama pants or a huge sweater. When going out, thigh high boots and fur. I can’t bare the cold!!

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