If I Had A Zillion Dollars…Still Might Not Be Enough

What is more unobtainable than the fashions that walk down the runway of Paris Couture week. Not a whole lot. These gorgeous unique pieces are absolute show stoppers. Recently, Christian Dior, Armani Privé, and Chanel strutted their artwork in Paris. They really are pieces of art and take more man-hours than you could imagine.

Dior took a very feminine approach, using inspiration from the illustrations of René Gruau who was with Dior in the 40’s and 50’s. The pieces were drenched in rich color and the dramatic full skirts were only accentuated by the luxurious fabrics.

Armani Privé on the other hand took a different route. Jumping out of the box a little the gemstone inspiration took a modern approach. You can tell in the images that everything just sparkles and shines. It seems just like liquid running all over the models. Apparently this mirror effect was created by threading the silk fabric with metal. Who would have thought.

I had to end with Chanel of course. Feminine was also clearly a theme in this show. Every piece is soft and flows beautifully. It has a delicate and understated sparkle to everything including the impeccably tailored jackets. One of the many things that Chanel does well is its outerwear.  The couture show is no exception. Even the structured jackets seem to flow somehow.


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