More Sequins Than You could Imagine

When reading Fashion Foie Gras yesterday she did a post on Indian-born Ashish Gupta. I immediately fell in love. I had seen some of the items on Net-A-Porter but they only had some of his ore tame shirts, skirts and dresses. Ashish is a label with a more is more approach. There can never be too many sequins or crazy patterns. Literally everything is sequined even if it doesn’t look like it is, trust me it is.

Below are some of his recent runway looks followed by a few items you can find online now.

Fall/Winter 2010

Sequined Handgun Tank Top $486

Sequined Tank Dress $774

Beaded Jumper $416

Sequined Cotton Biker Jacket $1390

Sequined Breton Tank $240

Sequined Silk-Georgette T-Shirt $505

Sequined Football Shirt Dress $600


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