Black Pyramid

Welcome to my new site!

I wanted to kick of my new site with a blog about newer retail site that I randomly found on Twitter named Black Pyramid. They have neat vintage and new pieces and everything is super unique. The clothes are on the trendier side and maybe for those who aren’t quite as risky, the jewelry can still be played and styled for any look. I saw a post by Purse ‘n Boots today where she was wearing one of their necklaces so it inspired me to write about them.

The prices are very reasonable and it’s always great to support small business owners and not always shop at the larger retailers.

I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think about the new site!

Bright Guatemaian Crop JacketIxmucane “Bright Guatemalan Crop Jacket” $65 sold out ;(

AK Vintage “The Old Ones Earrings” $130

PM Mix & Wear “Sheer Lace Maxi Skirt” $68

AK Vintage “Expansions Necklace” $95

Vintage Jean Paul “Bohemian Lace Maxi Skirt” $70

AK Vintage “Squaw Fire Necklace” $130

Vintage “Floral Maxi Wrap Skirt” $65

AK Vintage “Sun Signals Necklace” $140



About Christen Mitchell Styling

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2 Responses to Black Pyramid

  1. Sara says:

    Love the site!! xoxoxxo!

  2. Liz says:

    christen – i keep seeing this maxi skirts in your blog – the ones you posted above and the green one you posted the other day. i love them on these models – but is this a look that i can wear without people thinking i’m confused and think its 1993?

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