Lots of times if I am out during the day running around I only have a very short amount of time to run home and change for an evening event. It makes my life so much easier if I can just reuse what I am wearing because then it gives me a starting point. I also re-purpose my make-up. Rather than starting with a blank canvas which can be a little daunting in a pinch. I just make the eye a little smokier and add a fun lip color. I had been out shopping in this same t-shirt (you may recognize it from the pictures from yesterday) and so I ran how threw on a skirt, put my hair up and I was ready to go.

What’s your quick change secret?

What I wore: Ralph Lauren boots, TopShop tights, necklace from Dari, ring by nOir from BlueBird, earrings from Scoop, skirt Pleasure Doing Business, and shirt by Realitee


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