Three Haute Mamas!

I had the pleasure of doing a blog post for three Boston based moms that run a great blog called Three Haute Mamas! It explains a bit about what I do and how it can be incorporated into your own life.
Check out my post below.

Think a stylist is only for celebs? Think again. Meet stylist Christen Mitchell
A while back we received an email from the lovely Christen Mitchell, a new to Boston stylist, and we bonded immediately.  Style-wise we jive.  What we do online, she does in real life-like Rachel Zoe, only accessible to everyone.  No Oscar nominations required.  And having all worked in the fashion industry at one point or another, we were impressed at how far she had come in so little time in Boston.  We asked her to do a little guest post and lucky us, she obliged.

 Hi Three Haute Mama’s readers!
I have hijacked the blog today to give you all a little incite into joys of having a Stylist. Sounds fancy like a luxury only reserved for Jennifer Aniston doesn’t it? Actually, this is quite a practical luxury that everyone can and should enjoy.
When someone asks me what a Personal Stylist does, I say that I solve the ‘I have nothing to wear!” problem. When my clients and I confront this problem, we go over their daily routine, what they like, what they don’t, and anything they wish they had. I like to make being fashionable effortless and economical. The solution to the problem is not always solved by shopping. I say let’s check out what’s in your closet instead. I go through your wardrobe and show you how to give new life to pieces you were ready to throw out. In two hours we can put together ten new outfits you never knew you owned. Imagine, you just went shopping in your own closet and never spent a dime.
“How do I remember all of these outfits?” you might ask. During the appointment I will snap quick photos of all the looks we put together and send you a personalized lookbook capturing all the work we did. You’ll never have to wonder what accessories went with each outfit. Also during the appointment I make a list of any needs you might have or certain pieces you’re looking for and then I follow up with an online shopping list full of pictures and links to make shopping easy. Below are some examples of looks I’ve put together for two of my clients.
Closet consultations are only one part of what I do. Once we’ve gotten acquainted it’s easy to make small adjustments to your wardrobe on a seasonal basis. This could mean putting some different outfits together or even going on a shopping trip.

Personal shopping trips are fun and easy. Before you show up I pull what we are looking for and organize it in one room. It’s a nice relaxed shopping environment because I am able to give real and honest opinions and you are able to shop without the pressure of sales people. At the end of the trip we review what we saw and pick the best of everything so you know you’re going to get what you need, love, and will actually wear.

Having a stylist isn’t reserved for celebrities. It’s a great way to streamline your wardrobe and make fashion an easy and effortless part of your daily routine.

For a daily dose of style check out my website

If you are interesting in having your own stylist feel free to contact me with any questions or check out my site.

Have a fantastic day!

Thanks Christen, we always love a new mama to talk style with!



About Christen Mitchell Styling

I am a fashion stylist that offers my clients wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, and image consultation. Check me out at
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