Barney’s Trip With Charlie

Sorry again I didn’t post yesterday. My phone is still MIA and it’s really throwing me for a loop.  Anyway I am clearly still in LA and loving it. I was hanging out yesterday with my cousin Charlie and we hit up the Barney’s mens section before the gym.  Having frequented the mens section of Barney’s in Boston many times, it was so funny seeing what populated the same section in LA. I hate to photograph some of the outrageous options. I went to the mens section to help Charlie and actually actively avoiding finding anything for myself, but let’s be real. I found two things I loved. See below for crazy mens fashion and a few mens fashions that I wanted for my wardrobe.

I love this sweatshirt from Levi!

Moncler gold vest. I need a XS but I don’t care. I still had to show it.

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