Change It Up

If anyone has worked with me or knows me, you know that I love silk blouses. I do I love patterns and solids and even shoulder pads. Yes I said shoulder pads. So when I saw that Refinery 29 posted a whole article on different ways to wear your blouses I couldn’t resist. 
The Bedazzled Collar
I love all these options because they really jazz up a bland button up. Not to mention they allow you to break out that good old bedazzler that you’ve kept hidden since middle school.
Go dig in your mom’s closet and find that old 80’s blouse with the shoulder pads that she has hidden away. Wear it as a jack over a tank or tuck part of it into your favorite black skinny jeans with some boots.
Sexy Sheer
You’ve seen me post about this and you’ve seen me sport it myself. I love the sheer blouse because it allows me to be conservative or sassy depending on where I am going. Wear a great black bra under it if you’re going out and put a tank under it if you need to play it safe. I have one from American Apparel that I love. 
Layer To Stay Warm
It’s freaking cold outside, so break out the fun sweater you got this season and throw your blouse under it. I generally pop the collar to ad a little something extra and hey we are in Boston so I think it is mandatory that you put that collar up.
Here is the original post. Go here if you are interested in purchasing any of the items.

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