Belated #weekendrecap + New c|a|m Piece

Headed out with some friends on Saturday night after spending Friday night in the studio crafting away.

New mini Protection Paw piece available for $35 (, and the longer black fringe piece available for $50 (

What I Wore:
Jewelry: c|a|m
Jacket: Zara
Tank: Brandy Melville
Bra: Urban Outfitters


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Mania Mania over at

Mania Mania over at

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The Chevron Is The New Everything

The ring already has ‘negative space’ in the title and that’s great because I think the jewelry is amazing solo but when you pile it on and layer several of them they create an interesting pattern within the negative space. TomTom keeps it simple. And they use crystals so clearly I love them.

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The Golden Hour

Ashley Glorioso the stylist at Planet Blue is one of my favorites. The rate at which they crank their lookbooks out is mind boggling so with how much I love this I have to take my hat off to her and say keep up the amazing work. Don’t forget to check out all the goods.

Photography: Zoey Grossman
Styling Ashley Glorioso
Makeup/Hair: Stacey Tan

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Big Big Bold – Rima Hyena

Looking at Rima Hyena’s jewelry lookbook photos you don’t really need to hear any words from me. Just look, drool, buy!


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A Unique Floppy Hat

NOTE: So sorry for all the random updates readers. My twitter keeps connecting to my blog but we are working on getting straightened out. Thanks so much.

Often on a casual day you’ll catch me in a hat. It protects my face from the sun and the world from my hair some days. My sister Tiffany who is also a stylist, has this great hat that everyone always dies over and My other sister Tracy who lives in Santa Fe found a very talented woman to make them.

Tiffany Gremillion is a fine leather crafts woman who makes just about everything so check out her site to find some goodies for Fall that you really couldn’t find anywhere else.

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@bostonstylista apparently I was standing right next to you with Sean. ( I was in all leopard ) and didn’t even know..I wanted to at least give you a delayed hello. So sorry I didnt say again!

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